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Grad Student Recruitment

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The research projects of our lab are the following:
(1) Hypoxic response
(2) Lipid metabolism
(3) DNA damage response
(4) Cancer-specific metabolism
(5) Cellular senescence

The experimental strategy includes biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, analytical chemistry, and genetics (mouse and fly).

Now we're recruiting a few faithful, honest, and hardworking grad students who keep the dignity of science.
Grad students will learn not only experimental skills but also a strict interpretation of the data, logical thinking about what to do next, and finally how to advance their research as independent scientists through weekly meetings (journal club and lab meeting) and daily lab life. You'll also obtain the skills in reading papers and in the presentation.

If you believe that you're eligible, feel free to E-mail us.E-Mail

For detailed admission guidance, click here for the Course of Medical Sciences (Doctoral Program) or here for the Course of Biomedical Sciences (Master's Program). You can also contact the admission office at kk-mgakumu5[AT]

Thank you.


Yoji Andrew Minamishima, M.D., Ph.D.E-Mail
Department of Biochemistry,
Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine

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