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Professors and Main Research Projects

1. Prof. Yoshio Mutoh (1943-1949)
Chemistry, Biochemistry, Mathematics, and Physics

2. Prof. Saburo Yamazoe (1949-1974)
Development of urine-based fatigue testing method and blood preservation method.
Studies of sperm metabolism, muscle and brain phospholipids, cell membrane Na+/K+-ATPase, L-amino acid oxidase and reactive oxygen species

3. Prof. Satoshi Yamashita (1974-2000)
Genetic and molecular biological approaches to study phospholipid metabolism in membranes
Genetic studies of phospholipid metabolism in baker's yeast
Studies of choline kinases, phospholipase C/D, and lysophospholipase

4. Prof. Takashi Izumi (2000-2018)
Studies of physiologcal role of bioactive lipid mediators, metabolism of phospholipid, and signal transduction via GPCRs

5. Prof. Yoji Andrew Minamishima (2018~)
Hypoxic response in vivo, cellular metabolism, cell cycle, cellular senescence, cancer biology, and physiological role of hydrogen sulfide

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