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Yoji Andrew Minamishima, M.D., Ph.D.

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To all undergraduate and master's students, clinicians, dentists, pharmacists, clinical laboratory technicians, and veterinarians who are considering graduate school in the life sciences, we’ll support your enthusiasm to invest in your future.

Our goal is to understand the molecular mechanisms of:
(1) Hypoxic response
(2) Metabolism of bioactive lipids
(3) DNA damage response
(4) Cancer-specific metabolism
(5) Cellular senescence

If you're interested, just take a look and feel free to contact us.

Thank you.

Yoji Andrew Minamishima, M.D., Ph.D.
Department of Biochemistry,
Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine

What's new?

11/17/2023. Felipe's farewell lunch
Felipe's Farewell lunch
8/4/2023. Welcome Sukiyaki party for new graduate students, Bulgan, Junki and Felipe.
Starts in FY2023
3/23/2023. D4 Xian & Keisuke graduated.
Xian and Keisuke graduated
3/15/2023. Xian and Keisuke's farewell & Bulgan's welcome cake party.
Xian and Keisuke's graduation celebration & Bulgan's welcome cake party.
2/21/2023. D4 Keisuke also completed his thesis defense.
Keisuke at his thesis defense
2/15/2023. D4 Xian completed her thesis defense.
Xian at her thesis defense
March 2022. D4 Yuma graduated.
Yuma graduated
2/18/2022. Yuma completed his thesis defense.
Yuma at his thesis defense
3/23/2021. D4 Binderiya graduated.
Binderiya graduated
2/15/2021. D4 Binderiya completed her thesis defense.
Binderiya at her thesis defense
March 2020. Gosuke completed his master's degree course.
Gosuke was Graduated

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